Monday, 17 December 2018

Making a road-by Aleenah

Making a road 
1.How many kilometers
of roads are in New
There are over 90 thousand kilometers of roads are in New Zealand.
2.Why do planners need to see if the road is needed?
Because if we build something cars can’t get to the building.
3.What does the planners need to use to plan the road?
They use newspapers and brochures.
4.Why can’t the roads be bumpy or steep?
Because the planners need to make sure that
5.Why can’t the road be put down if the route is not cleared?
Because if the route is not cleared the road might not stay at the route.

Hoikoi-by Aleenah

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Thursday, 29 November 2018

The meaning behind Christmas decorations-by Aleenah

The meaning behind Christmas decorations
Learning Intention:We are learning the meaning of some Christmas decorations.

Success Criteria:I know I am successful when I can understand the meaning behind Christmas decorations by screenshoting  my work of Christmas decorations.

Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Thinking of creatures-by Aleenah

Thinking for creatures

Dear God,

Please look after the sea creatures that have been sick and please remind us that we aren’t the only people who are living in this world. Remind us that we need to look after the creatures and our surroundings and be grateful of the wonderful creations you have made.

Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Mission day-by Aleenah

Mission Day
Learning Intention:We are learning to write a recount.
Success Criteria:I know I am successful when I can write a recount using capital letters, full stops and in paragraph form correctly.

I am excited! Today is the day we can play games, wear mufti clothes and more. 

It was time to celebrate our amazing day. I bought a raffle ticket for a Lego Ninjago set. It has so many details. The part I like was the vehicle. It was so mean and cool.

Next I bought a cola drink. It cost $1. Then I gave all my money to my brother and walk around and sit down under the trees to relax. That was very nice to have a relaxing day.

When the celebration was over and it was time for lunch. I had a sausage sizzle. It was so yummy especially with the ketchup on it. It was so delicious that I wanted another one. I ate it so fast. I have to clean my mess because their are crumbs on the carpet.

Lastly we watched a movie called Despicable  Me 3.I liked how the Minions talked. It was very funny.

Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Warsaw and his friend - By Aleenah

Warsaw and his friend
Learning Intention:We are learning to write a narrative story.
Success Criteria:I know I am successful when I can write a narrative writing using adjectives, capital letters and full stops correctly.
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Once upon a time, in a beautiful tree filled forest, lived an enormous, bright green, purple fire breathing dragon named "Warsaw". He was lonely because people thought he was ugly and scary.
Everyone thought that he was like that except for one girl. 

The girl was walking with her parents when she met Warsaw. Warsaw had a sad face and was about to run away when the girl asked him to stop and asked his name. They kept on talking until they became best of friends. 

One day Warsaw was walking in a dark forest when he step on a trap. He was stuck and started to breath fire. He couldn't brake the metal because it was too strong. 

The girl saw the fire in the forest so she asked her parents if they could investigate. They arrived at the location and they saw Warsaw. The girl was very happy to see Warsaw. Then two guys went up to them and they hit the girl and her parents. Luckily Bat girl came and hit the two guys. They were knocked out and the girl's parents called the police and the two men got arrested. 

The girl thanked Bat girl and Warsaw was free. Everyone was happy.