Thursday, 17 September 2020

Dark Sky Reserve (Aoraki Dark Sky Reserve) - by Aleenah

 Aoraki Dark Sky Reserve

Here I wrote a little summery of what the Aoraki dark sky reserve is and what it does to our community.

Types of Information - by Aleenah

 Types of Information

I had an activity to finish about these types of information: Malinformation, Misinformation and Disinformation. Here I wrote what all of those meant and what they can do to us.




Misinformation is misinterpreted information/rumors. It is fake news but it can’t harm a person unlike malinformation. Sometimes they are CRAZY and VERY UNLIKELY but some people still fall for it. 

Malinformation is intended to hurt a person’s feelings but it is based around what that person had said or private information about them had been published without their consent. 

Disinformation is a mix of misinformation and malinformation. It’s a problem that we as a community should try and solve. It is based on lies which hurts a person’s feelings. People are influenced by this and does things they won’t usually do.

Aroha's Way To Becoming Happy - by Aleenah

 Aroha's Way To Becoming Happy

Rain poured against my window, my finger trailing the raindrops as they slid down. I was quite excited that day as my friends were coming over. They always Brighten my day. I smiled as a rush of of amazing memories rushed through my mind of my friends and I/. Suddenly my smile slowly vanished as the happy times I saw were changed into exclusion and sad gestures. It was me, all alone, my friends wearing faces of disgust at me.

I was sitting on the floor, all hunched up as a ball. My hair was covering y face. Tears flowed down my shocked face. I thought of how my friends probably don't like me or get embarrassed by me. Then my thoughts expanded from getting excluded by my friends into my parents disowning me. I feel so bad. I sobbed into my arms for a while. After I felt I didn't need to cry anymore, my friends came in my room dressed weirdly. They said the rain cleared up and we should play outside.

Now I light up and played along. We talk, laugh and play having the best time together. While we were snacking on cheesy chips, I thought what happened earlier. I realized maybe people do need me and I was just overthink. My friends and family always cheer me up and they might not even know what impact the have on me. Sometimes they give me good and bad memories.

Sunday, 13 September 2020

Epilepsy Brain Disease - by Aleenah

Epilepsy Brain Disease

 I have been studying and reviewing brain diseases. Epilepsy is one of the six brain diseases I've been studying. It has interested me most so I made this presentation of what it is.

Tuesday, 8 September 2020

Diary Entry For Mophead (Selina Tusitala Marsh) - by Aleenah

 Mophead Diary Entry

This week, my class have been studying the book Mophead by Selina Tusitala Marsh. We wrote a diary entry when Selina was in a restorative justice discussing her case with one of her bullies. 

Diary Entry

I was sitting in a quiet room, my parents wearing expressions of anger and confusion. MY head low staring at my feet avoiding eye contact. It was the day. The day I might get justice! from my biggest resentment, 'rich girl' Giselle. She gave me hell. Of course, I never told anyone that. Anyways, the clock ticked by to about 1:20 pm. The principal as well as the student counselor entered the room greeting us with a "good afternoon" and "We all know what we are her for". I was so anxious while Giselle was sitting in front of me smirking with her arms and legs crossed. Butterflies were swarming in my tummy. The principal discussed the case between both parents before asking me the bog question. "Why don't you share your side of the story, Selina?". I took a big breath and opened my mouth hoping to say something but just sat there, my mouth hoping to say something but just sat there, my mouth wide open. My eyes watered. My parents quickly embraced me. The principal "Should we continue this restorative justice?" I got myself together. I freed myself from my mother's arms and blurted out everything Giselle had said and done to me. I started with her laughing at me which quickly escalated to when she harassed me calling me 'mophead'. I spoke non stop for a whole minute! I felt relieved. Giselle on the other hand was forced to be suspended for a week but her parents didn't allow it. What a bummer. They did opted to have her punished in their own way. By the end of the meeting, I was smiling with my parents. It was the happiest I've been in a long time.

Picture: Mophead Picture

Sunday, 9 August 2020

The Wastewater Treatment - by Aleenah

The Wastewater Treatment

This diagram I present you is where your waste goes, from your house, to cleaning and all the way to the sea. After you've washed away your waste, it will led into pipes that lead to the primary treatment (purple area). Then following to the orange area all the way to the oxidation pond and into the ocean. The treatments are for cleaning your waste so that in can be put back in the ocean.

Thursday, 23 July 2020

The Human Shield - by Aleenah

The Human Shield

The golden rays of the gleaming sun shone onto a beautiful home. Two kids sprinted onto the front yard giggling. They seemed to have perfect lives. The boy saw one of their neighbours and gleefully waved at them. Bridges, the boy, was called by their mom. He quickly ran back inside leaving his sister happily playing alone.

Bridgea’s mother has asked him to make his bed. He groaned but he still urged himself to do it. Bridgea went inside his room and started clearing his bed while also taking quick glances at his sister through the window. She seemed fine until he heard barking on the other side of the road. Bridges heard loud barks. It became louder near his house. He thought of his sister. Bridges bolted outside towards his sister and leaped in front of her, his eyes shut.

The father of the kids heard cries of his son and daughter and burst onto the porch seeing his son slowly falling on his knees. Their dad looked furious and waved the dog to leave and then quickly fell to the ground holding his son screaming and sobbing for his wife. She busted through the door and shrieked.

There was so much commotion going on that the neighbours crowded around and unconscious, damaged Bridgea. One of the neighbours called an ambulance for the little boy. HIs eyes were shut and his stiff body laid  arms. Sirens amplified and soon the ambulance parked on the family’s driveway. Two men carried Bridgea onto a gurner into the ambulance. Inside the moving hospital Bridgea caught a glimpse of the weeping crowd.