Tuesday, 1 December 2020

Marc Chagall "The Gates of The Cemetery" - Aleenah

Marc Chagall

Marc Chagall is an artist of the many eras in art. He was born Russian and French which is why some of his work is displayed in Paris but most were in Belarus. As I was looking on the internet for his work, I found this piece which I really liked: It’s called “The Gates of The Cemetery." I like it because it reminds me of the cemetery where my grandma lives near to and it’s also where my cousin and his dad (my uncle) are buried. I find his artwork really different, but I like it. I think this art piece is one of my favorites from his collection.

The Cemetery Gates , Marc Chagall (1917) Musée d'art et d'histoire du Judaïsme  Shagal Choumoff.jpg
                                    "The Gates of The Cemetery"                     Marc Chagall
                                                - Marc Chagall

Tuesday, 17 November 2020

Giraffes - Aleenah


Hooves clanked as the giraffe panted for air. Their sounds echoed up to the top. Calm soft music played whilst the giraffes paraded up to we're guessing is their destination. Everything was peaceful until the vocals from the sounds cracked a bit. The towering giraffes didn't seemed please. Their ears twitched and a broken yell traveled from the back to the front. All hell broke loose after that. Security came and tried to calm them yet they have seemed to fail. Until, a person grabbed sleeping type darts which they handed to the staff. They all injected it into the tall necks and then they slowly fell to the ground, snoring.

Monday, 16 November 2020

NZ Advent Symbols - Aleenah

 NZ Advent Symbols

As part of Advent, my class looked at the summer symbols that represents the upcoming birth of Christ. Some show family, nature blooming and how the light of Christ is shining upon our lives.

Thursday, 5 November 2020

- Aleenah

 Overnight In A Bad Spot

Alma toples off the shelf and onto an old, squeaky, lime green couch. Two dolls bounced as Alma landed. She let out a gasp as she falls onto the hard, grimy tiles of the doll emporium. She rolls over to her side catching a quick glance of a boy speeding towards her with his squealing trycicle. “Eek” she yelped. The boy only stops at her right, plastic thumb. He tries to get her attention by letting his tricycle bump into her. Alma is annoyed, anxious and now terrified. She can’t help it. The doll looks so well made and its appearance is her own self! Alma always longed for a sister and the doll is perfect. Now she feels terrible and worried. She quivers and is really nervous. Suddenly the boy and his tricycle manage to turn over a troubled Alma and her doll-like eyes continue to click as she observes her surroundings whilst also puffing out loudly.

In the distance innocent girly giggles echoed nearer and nearer to the so-called shop. Alma hears them and is urging her mini self to stand up. It seems like a real struggle. All the dolls around her are staring. She is the only one who moves and tries unlike all of the other dolls who just sit there accepting their life. Alma feels like giving up too. It is noticeable how her eyes move slowly and not as active as her human self. Alas, Alma still layed there, hopelessly, unable to move. 

Two girls walked by the shop but quickly came to a halt. It was a young but tall girl who had a face of cheer. Shining, silver eyes with a tiny, smudged nose and small, pale chapped lips. Her long flowing braid sat at her shoulder whilst a little redheaded girl with big dreamy eyes stared into the misty barrier between the shop and where they were. “Rosa you know we can’t get that” The girl said shyly. The little girl walked with her but her eyes never left what she saw. A replica of herself. “Meireia, can’t we just take a look” Rosa softly mumbled.  Meireia sighed, it was nearly Christmas time and the least she could do was let her do what she asked for. “I suppose it couldn’t hurt anybody...” Meireia mumbled. She grasped her sister’s hand and walked towards the wooden door. Her hand opened the door so effortlessly that it seemed the door opened by itself! The sisters banged their boots on the small oval rug. Rosa giggled as she rushed over to the doll until a sound was ringing in her ears. It was like a ringtone that would become faint but would quickly come to full volume.  Meireia's face expression seemed as if she was feeling uncomfortable. Eyes were stapled around her. Dolls eyes. Rosa was trying to find that sound she was hearing came from. Meireia was walking around and saw a doll. A doll with big blue eyes, faint blonde hair, a purple beanie with a full on winter outfit. She picked it up and a tag was poking out. It was named ‘Alma’. “Pretty name, but a bit weird” Meireia exclaimed loudly. Rosa on the other hand gave up on her mini treasure hunt but instead focused on the red themed doll. Rosa was about to touch it when her sister yelled “time to go now!” Rosa sighed. She waved bye to the doll and held her sister’s mittened hands ready to leave. Even though she didn’t get to touch the doll she was fine and appreciated the time she had spent in the shop. Her sister. Meireia was still feeling, maybe that's why she wanted to leave so quickly. She put Alma back on the empty shelf which she supposed was where she was displayed. The sisters hurried over to the door as Meireia began jiggling the door handle. It seemed to not want to let them out. She tried again and again and again. It simply just wouldn’t budge. Meireia began sweating. She was afraid of the door. It welcomed them into the store but now it seemed it was trapping them in. Rosa was getting worried. It was visible in her sister’s face too. 

The sisters soothed each other together, both letting go of each other’s hands. Meireia paced around the room staring at the grimy tiles. It was nearly dark. The sun was creeping down the horizon. Rosa took her time to look at the doll and was again about to touch it. Fortunately her sister stopped her again. “Don’t touch that Rosa, you never know what it could do. Here, use this one” she handed Alma to her in the middle of her sentence. Alma was staring blankly at the emerald eyes of Rosa. It had been hours and it seemed Meireia gave up on everything. They were stuck for some unknown reason. It seemed impossible. By now it had been dinner time and everyone went home to eat and sleep. Rosa was tired, Meireia was sitting against a plain wall which was unusual as every area around her was covered with dolls on shelves, in boxes and any flat surface. But it was empty. Empty enough to think it would be filled with something later on. 

Meireia gestured to her sister to come sit with her. “You know ma and pa will come look for us. It’s fine” Meireia softly said.  They cuddled together awaiting the daylight.

Thursday, 15 October 2020

Grid Map Questioner - Aleenah

Grid Map Questioner 

Room 8 has been learning how to use a grid map. Our activity was to create questions for anybody to answer using our grid map. 


What closest country is south east of Finland?
What country is in A2?
How many grids does Russia take up?
How many countries/places are in Grid A?
Where is the East China Sea?
What sea is in F7?
What is the closest country to Iceland?
What grid is Japan in?

Thursday, 17 September 2020

Dark Sky Reserve (Aoraki Dark Sky Reserve) - by Aleenah

 Aoraki Dark Sky Reserve

Here I wrote a little summery of what the Aoraki dark sky reserve is and what it does to our community.

Types of Information - by Aleenah

 Types of Information

I had an activity to finish about these types of information: Malinformation, Misinformation and Disinformation. Here I wrote what all of those meant and what they can do to us.




Misinformation is misinterpreted information/rumors. It is fake news but it can’t harm a person unlike malinformation. Sometimes they are CRAZY and VERY UNLIKELY but some people still fall for it. 

Malinformation is intended to hurt a person’s feelings but it is based around what that person had said or private information about them had been published without their consent. 

Disinformation is a mix of misinformation and malinformation. It’s a problem that we as a community should try and solve. It is based on lies which hurts a person’s feelings. People are influenced by this and does things they won’t usually do.