Thursday, 22 August 2019

Rahi and the Patupaiarehe - by Aleenah

This is a comic strip on the key events that happened in the story I read called "Rahi and the Patupaiarehe".

Monday, 1 July 2019

Anzac Day - by Aleenah

Anzac Day
ANZAC day was a memorable day for the people who died as anzacs in World War l. Every 25th of April we remember those who sacrificed their lives for peace. 

The Battle of Chunuk Bair
At Gallipoli, Peninsula in 1915, a battle came upon this world. A lot of people risked their lives in this battle, most died. The reason why World War l happened, was because the British Empire wanted to capture the Dardanelles and get an entrance to the Bosphorus and the Black Sea.  

Turkey declined the Empire and their desires and from that moment on the battle started. I don’t know who declared it but this war happened at Gallipoli, Peninsula. While fighting, Turkey got possession of Gallipoli. 

How We Celebrate ANZAC Day Now
ANZAC day is a very important occasion for Australians and New Zealanders as it reminds them of the people who sacrificed their lives for their country. In Australia, ANZAC day is celebrated in dawn. We also use poppies in remembrance for the people who died in this war because it was there when the anzacs died. People like us also do this as parade. 

The Ending
A lot happened in this war but we are now glad that it is finally done. The Gallipoli campaign mentioned that 87,000 Turks died, 44,000 men from France and so did the British Empire, with Australians and 2,777 New Zealanders also died. 

Remembering the fallen brave ANZACS who lost their lives in Gallipoli, ANZAC Day continues to be commemorated every 25th of April. It remains an important part of who we are. 

Tuesday, 18 June 2019

Golden Retrievers - by Aleenah

Golden Retrievers
The golden retriever is a dog breed and they are very smart. These dogs have a lot of facts you may not know.

These type of dogs have different colors because some countries have different colors for their golden retriever. Adult golden retrievers are medium-large. They mostly have a golden brown coating around them but the puppy version is quite lighter than the adult ones.  As they grow their coating starts to become dark. Some golden retriever puppies start with white fur. Here are some golden retrievers from other countries.

British Golden Retrievers are more muscular than the american ones. Although they are muscular than American ones, they have a much lighter coating than them as it can be gold or cream. Their eyes are round and dark while their nose is black. Males stand up to 56 - 61 cm and so are the females. American Golden Retrievers are less muscular than the other ones. The males stand up to 58 - 61 cm while females stand up to 55 - 57 cm. These American golden retrievers have a much darker coating of gold than than the British ones. Canadian Golden Retrievers have thinner but darker fur and stands out more than the other ones here. Males stand up to 58 - 61 cm and the females goes up to 55 - 57 cm.

Common Health Problems
Cancer is one of the worst thing that can happen to a golden retriever. The most common ones are hemangiosarcoma, lymphosarcoma,  mast cell tumors and osteosarcoma. These are very bad illnesses for Golden Retrievers. The life of the Golden retriever only last to 11 up to 12 years. Pets have to be taken to the vets every year. There is another common health problem for golden retrievers so if they have a puppy, let them be examined by OFA or PennHIP for hip disease.

These adorable, smart dogs would fit a very good pet.


By: Aleenah

Sunday, 19 May 2019