Tuesday, 24 March 2020

A Map Of The Stalag Luft III - by Aleenah

This is the map of the Stalag Luft III a prison camp in Germany back in WWII. This prison camp held many officers and aviators. They weren't treated badly but it was still terrible. This was also the place that had a famous great escape.

How Antibiotic Resistance Occurs - by Aleenah

How Antibiotic Resistance Occurs

Antibiotic resistance is something hard to dispose of in our bodies. They are hard to cure. If you don't need antibiotics, don't take it. Save it for when you really need it because taking antibiotics we don't need causes a bad reaction and it backfires. My diagram shows how an antibiotic occurs and it is something we should all know about. 

Sunday, 8 March 2020

Gary Te Ruki - by Aleenah

Gary Te Ruki
Image result for Gary Te RukiGary received his  moko on his marae over a three day period. He had a rebellious side and his moko partly speaks that. Gary is also one of the people of the land, the essence of the land, the spirit of the land. His moko represents that. Gary sees people with no face markings but he says “let us be Maori and not be held back. There is no special moment to wait for. You make the moment”. 


Despair Station (The Matchbox Diary) - by Aleenah

Despair Station

Everyone's anxious and tired expressions are depressing. They all seemed like they wanted to die. I couldn't see anyone chatting but instead families were cuddled next to each other. Their eyes are shut hard and their hands are pressed on their ears. The loud voices, crying and thundering hard concrete floor echoed throughout the station. It's been 2 days of agony. It was hard to love this place. Every night I could hear honking of cars and bottle caps clanking on the cement floor.The smell of dirt and unclean bodies is disgusting. Babies were huddled with their mothers. Some people wouldn't fit in the beds so their feet would hang over and would cover paths for people to walk. Though people wouldn't often walk around at night. Everyone prefers to stay where they are. Everyday gets rougher and rougher.  Some men would smoke cigars and the smoke would flow around the room. This made people cough and sneeze. It was terrible. The nights were cold and the blankets were thin. Some parents would use scarves so their children would be warm. I could detect myself starting to get sick. This place is very polluted. It's horrible here. 

Wednesday, 26 February 2020

Blog Profile - by Aleenah

Who I Am

Kia ora, I am Aleenah, a year 7 student  in Room 8 at St. Patrick’s School, Panmure. I am a 10yr old filipino in a family of five. I have a sister and brother, mother and father. My hobbies include playing the ukulele, solving crossword puzzles and writing stories. I wish to be a bestselling author or journalist. I like instruments, reading and hand lettering. Cake pops, sprinkles and broccoli are my favourite food and dogs and bears are animals I adore.