Wednesday, 4 September 2019

Why Is Mission Day Important To Us? - by Aleenah

Why Is Mission Day Important To Us? - by Aleenah
Mission day is a fundraising event that our school takes part in to help an orphanage in India. 

Our school makes this fun for children so we make up stalls to make money and then send it to the Holy Angels Orphanage in India. People play or buy things from the stalls we created. 

The Holy Angels Orphanage was established by the Mission Sisters which is a way of continuing their work but for us to have a great relationship with them. The Mission Sisters not only built an orphanage but a boarding school and a medical clinic for the place. 

As the mission partnership of the orphanage and school,  We do this as it reminds us of our responsibility to help people in different areas. Our school also prays for the work for the missionaries who’ve people other people in the world.

Mission day is very important to us because the children in the Holy Orphanage is our Mission Partnership.


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