Monday, 11 May 2020

What Is A Smart Footprint? - by Aleenah

What Is A Smart Footprint?

In my head, a smart footprint to me is being careful on what you walk on and not leave anything behind. For example, we are in lockdown and we have to cover our mouths when in public because our germs can spread. A smart footprint is like that. To not leave anything behind, we have to cover ourselves. It goes the same when using digital technologies. To keep unwanted people out of our accounts, we put a secure password to cover ourselves. That is what a smart footprint is to me.  


  1. Hi there Aleenah, I enjoyed reading your blog, What Is A Smart Footprint. I like the way you have compared keeping ourselves safe during the coronavirus pandemic and keeping ourselves safe online. Well done!

  2. Great blog post about what you think a smart footprint is Aleenah - which of the dimensions that you have shared is the MOST important in your opinion? I really like the way you have used the C19/Lockdown analogy...