Thursday, 23 July 2020

The Human Shield - by Aleenah

The Human Shield

The golden rays of the gleaming sun shone onto a beautiful home. Two kids sprinted onto the front yard giggling. They seemed to have perfect lives. The boy saw one of their neighbours and gleefully waved at them. Bridges, the boy, was called by their mom. He quickly ran back inside leaving his sister happily playing alone.

Bridgea’s mother has asked him to make his bed. He groaned but he still urged himself to do it. Bridgea went inside his room and started clearing his bed while also taking quick glances at his sister through the window. She seemed fine until he heard barking on the other side of the road. Bridges heard loud barks. It became louder near his house. He thought of his sister. Bridges bolted outside towards his sister and leaped in front of her, his eyes shut.

The father of the kids heard cries of his son and daughter and burst onto the porch seeing his son slowly falling on his knees. Their dad looked furious and waved the dog to leave and then quickly fell to the ground holding his son screaming and sobbing for his wife. She busted through the door and shrieked.

There was so much commotion going on that the neighbours crowded around and unconscious, damaged Bridgea. One of the neighbours called an ambulance for the little boy. HIs eyes were shut and his stiff body laid  arms. Sirens amplified and soon the ambulance parked on the family’s driveway. Two men carried Bridgea onto a gurner into the ambulance. Inside the moving hospital Bridgea caught a glimpse of the weeping crowd.

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