Tuesday, 1 December 2020

Marc Chagall "The Gates of The Cemetery" - Aleenah

Marc Chagall

Marc Chagall is an artist of the many eras in art. He was born Russian and French which is why some of his work is displayed in Paris but most were in Belarus. As I was looking on the internet for his work, I found this piece which I really liked: It’s called “The Gates of The Cemetery." I like it because it reminds me of the cemetery where my grandma lives near to and it’s also where my cousin and his dad (my uncle) are buried. I find his artwork really different, but I like it. I think this art piece is one of my favorites from his collection.

The Cemetery Gates , Marc Chagall (1917) Musée d'art et d'histoire du Judaïsme  Shagal Choumoff.jpg
                                    "The Gates of The Cemetery"                     Marc Chagall
                                                - Marc Chagall

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  1. Good Job Aleenah, I really like your descriptive words keep it up