Tuesday, 7 December 2021

Just A Normal Family During Christmas - Aleenah

 Christmas Struggles

As the we reach the final day of these writing exercises, I'm excited as I'm running out of inspiration for this but here is today's last piece. Where I write a story based on a picture.

Well here it is...

It was a lively night in the streets of a small town. But down the road, along the country-side, a hustling family was anticipating a reunion. The living room was festive yet busy. The fireplace was cackling, the tree was glistening, the presents were towering, and might I forget, the children were exploring, ransacking and complaining to get their hands on some lavish gifts. “Dad, what are we getting for Christmas?” a whiny voice had asked. “Dad, did you get me slide?!” another squeak of annoyance yelled. “NO WAY DAD, you got me a phone?!!!” a surprised shriek had shook the house. “Okay that’s it everyone now, I’m going to take a photo an-” a mothering voice was cut off and the three kids interfered with a mix of begging pleads and gorilla tantrums. Just then, the house was silenced and a buzzing of honks had alerted a car’s presence. “Everyone shut it and settle your bottoms in front of the Christmas tree and once I come in this house you better act like perfect little angels all right?!” Their mother had uttered every syllable so clearly and strictly that it sent the shivers. She had exited the house eyeing the kids and her husband, but once she set out the front door a pleased and utterly fake smile painted her face. Back inside the house though, was the father struggling while the kids acted like what their mother said wasn’t a death threat at all. “You, come over here and help me set the table real quick and then after that we gather in the living room okay” Their father was now just trying to piece everything together and hold his calm. While his elder daughter was grabbing a few plates, a thump had worried her and their father. Dashing through the hallways, their eyes had feared what might have just happened and well, it just did. “We shouldn’t have let those two in a room alone…”

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