Wednesday, 20 October 2021

The Saints of Jesus - Aleenah

 The Saints Of Jesus

This week we are celebrating a few Saints from Jesus' time. I have made a slidedeck as task to do activities relating the lives of the Saints. I also worked hard to create illustrations as decorations for the slidedeck!

Meddling With Time - Aleenah

 Meddling With Time

Everyone knows that you can never change or stop time. But I'm answering the question "Would you rather stop or reverse time?". I've explained myself in this paragraph here!

"Time is always ticking and always moving towards the future. But sometimes I find it going way too quick and it’s having me miss some details I forgot to notice so reversing time is the only solution. With it, I can relive memories and maybe even change or advise myself to do certain things. But I can also just see myself grow. I don’t have to meddle with the past, just view it. With stopping time, it's useless. You would just be living in a frozen day and it's unfair, just stopping time can lead to undisciplined actions or worse. So I find the most practical choice, is to reverse time."

Tuesday, 19 October 2021

My Take In Zara Rutherford's Route Around The World - Aleenah

 My Understanding Of Zara Rutherford's Global Trip

Zara Rutherford may sound recognizable as the young woman travels around the world to challenge the world record of youngest and quickest person to travel around our world. My class was involved in our reading task by individually mapping out alternate routes for Zara with clues from the article we read, here is mine.

Not only that, I also marked the countries Amelia Earhart and Jean Batten had visited! Two iconic, female aviators in the world.

Animal Understanding Or Invading Minds? - Aleenah

 Would You Rather?

Another day of my class's continuous creative exercises. This day's theme was either have communication with animals or reading people's minds! I chose animal dialect and here is why:

"If we were to be able to share the same dialect as animals, it would be gifting. The tongue of several species would be fun and intriguing. Communication with such animals would be beneficial and may even let our beings and animals have a harmonious relationship. As we would consider each other’s needs which is a huge step closer to what God wanted in the beginning. But with the trait of reading people’s minds, it invades privacy and you are never free to think freely or imagine, for example: for artists. Their creativity would be robbed of them and it would ruin trust within people while offering the speech with animals would be building trust so therefore, beneficial."

Monday, 18 October 2021

Wizards Or Superheros? - Aleenah

Wizards Or Superheros?

Day 2 of my class's creative writing exercises - Would you rather?.  This time the choices were to be a wizard or a superhero. This is what I chose and why.

"With the role of a wizard, you can create endless experiences of anything. You are exposed to the wonders of magic and spells which have no possible limit. As of that matter, you may choose how you would act with the knowledge of wizardry. Be good and kind or be hateful and dreaded whilst a  superhero is based on a person who has special traits in which they use for the good of the world. It is their oath. But that’s quite boring and limited but as a wizard, you can do anything."

Sunday, 17 October 2021

I Would Rather... - Aleenah

 I Would Rather...

The question 'would you rather slide down a rainbow or jump on clouds?' was asked after my class call which we all had answered by writing a mini paragraph choosing between the two scenarios. Here I wrote my answer and explaining the reason behind it.

I find skipping across the clouds would be therapeutic for me. My mind is always wandering across ideas and crazy imagined events. Running free on clouds would mimic a scene of me running across a flower field. Rainbows can't really compare as sliding down it wouldn't last long as you can anticipate it ending at the bottom with all of your delight gone. But the clouds travel and are on a continuous loop. So frankly, I choose to be free, jumping on clouds.

Caricature Clouds Drawing Cloud Cartoon Free Photo - Cartoon Clouds Drawing  Png, Transparent Png - kindpng

Thursday, 23 September 2021

6 Words, 1 Life - Aleenah

 A New Quote

After  how tough and really boring lockdown has been, a new, but quite fun task has been assigned to the class of room 8. We were to create a quote of 6 words that relates to our lives. Could be the ongoing events, our relationships/friendships or just our lives in general. I chose to create a quote that talks about the light in our worlds and how it affects us. I find that the image I chose really matched my saying so here it is!

Maybe you can find out why I made that image that relates to the quote