Thursday, 8 April 2021

Stations of The Cross 2021 - Aleenah

 Stations of The Cross

Stations of the cross is an annual event that usually occurs during Holy Week (Ours was April 1st). It's basically a play performed by the seniors of our school when we reenact the events of Jesus' final journey of love. My role in particular was a narrator job, well sort of. I said prayers that related to problems of others reality. Everybody in the years 7 & 8 had a part they needed to execute. 

Some girls were the women of Jerusalem with their children.

One of my friends acted as Veronica whilst my other peers performed as her friends. This scene was one of my favorites, it was when after Veronica wiped the face of Jesus and his image was transferred onto the towel. This picture is of her showing it off to the people around her.

One of the crucial roles was Mary and her friend, it was another friend of mine who showed their dedication to her character.

The boys were the guards. I thought the costumes fit their roles very well, it was creative I thought.

In the middle was Jesus, Our savior who faced an 
un-just death by Pontius Pilate.

Most of the time I felt confident in my role because it was something I knew I could do and was okay at doing it. This was to be one of the major events that would have occurred this term. It's what made me very ecstatic when everybody was tearing up because it showed how our portrayal was on point. I do hope they felt that too.


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