Thursday, 23 September 2021

6 Words, 1 Life - Aleenah

 A New Quote

After  how tough and really boring lockdown has been, a new, but quite fun task has been assigned to the class of room 8. We were to create a quote of 6 words that relates to our lives. Could be the ongoing events, our relationships/friendships or just our lives in general. I chose to create a quote that talks about the light in our worlds and how it affects us. I find that the image I chose really matched my saying so here it is!

Maybe you can find out why I made that image that relates to the quote

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  1. Hi there Aleenah, I really like the image you made to illustrate your work, "A New Quote". It shows me that when we are living in the light of God, we grow and thrive. Your colours reflect that. Whereas you show living in darkness in the bottom half of your image is dark and scary. Great job, Aleenah,