Tuesday, 23 November 2021

Trading Lives With... - Aleenah

 Who Would You Trade Lives With?

As of today, we continue writing on several prompts, today my class wrote why and who we would want to trade lives with though majority explained humble responses of how grateful they already are with their lives, you should read there's but here is mine!

"There are some really inspiring people out there but there is one profession I want to see happen. I would like to live the life of a neurosurgeon! It’s quite a particular career in such an intimidating field but I’m just curious. Our brains are quite interesting and in the hands of a neurosurgeon I may be able to study the types of diseases our brain can develop. The medical industry is of curiosity and healing after all. I find my life pretty boring as I’m quite a boring person, I follow the same daily routine everyday and the same stress clouds over me, plus I want to experience what it is like to be an adult and have money too. I’m okay with myself but it isn’t wrong to want to live like other lucky people."

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